Air Pollution – How it is Affecting Your Health?

One of the most commonly spoken topic is air pollution. You will want to know that there are several elements which contribute to pollution. Majority of cities which are literally bursting today, can see the disastrous effects of air pollution. You can read more about this important topic on celebritynetworth.

How air pollution can affect your health?

In some countries the life expectancy has been reduced to as low as 40 years due to the pollution levels there. Most of them are cities thanks to the increase in number of factories and unlicensed firms which are somehow able to make their presence felt even though they should not be out there.


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Topping the list is Beijing and Shanghai in China. The air pollution levels in there are the highest when compared to other cities. Some of the factors contributing in there would be the large population, increased urbanisation, accelerated industrialisation. It is unfortunate to see people of all classes and designations wearing gas masks to work.

It was bound to happen ultimately. Some of health ailments which can be caused due to air pollution are acute respiratory diseases, lung cancer, heart disease and stroke. According to the World Health Organization, more than 8 million deaths are happening every year due to air pollution.

It would be beneficial from a health point of view that you avoid going to these cities for a long period of time or consider settling there, if you value your health. The air you breathe is very important for your overall health. Though you lead a very healthy lifestyle there is no point in doing that because you are ultimately being affected in a very bad way due to the air you breathe.

Hence it is vital that fresh air is a necessity for your lives. You can find more on these on the link celebritynetworth which can help you lead healthy lives.