Ben Stiller – the celebrity actor that rakes in serious cash

Ben Stiller the funny man born on the 30th November, 1965 at New York City, New York is a well-known comedian. However, in addition to it, he is also a screenwriter, film producer, film director, television director, voice actor, actor and television producer as well.

He studied at the Cathedral School of St. John the Divine in New York as well as the Calhoun School. Ben Stiller grew up like all-star children – among the stars. His growing up years included a lot of travelling and late nights.

Stiller started film making at an early age and he made the Super 8 films alongwith Amy Stiller who is his sister. They would perform plays at home and he made his debut on the TV Series of his mom, as a guest. He also produced a mocumentary around the same time as well. He also wored on Elvis narratives and made a fiction movie which was focused on Elivs Presley. He then created Back to Brooklyn.

Stiller stared in There’s something about Mary and then he stared in 3 movies which included Jack, Heat Vision as well as Mystery Men. His best known work was Meet The Parents and that got around $330 million worldwide. Meet the Fockers amassed $500 million world wide and this was his largest hit.

Stiller earns through directing, playing as well as producing movies and his movies have brought in $2 billion just in the US. This is the reason he is one of the best paid stars.

He owns an Ocean style estate which was purchased for $1.852 million and was then sold for $7 million. He also owns a vacation home in Hawaii. Ben Stiller’s net worth is $150 million and he carges over $20,000,000 per movie and over $10,000,000 for a TV